Financial Services


  • Determine Shareholder goals
  • Prepare Strategic Plan/Descriptive Memorandum
  • Review historical and projected financial information
  • Determine the market value of the company
  • Evaluate on-going working capital needs
  • Determine a suitable strategy
  • Examine alternative deal structures and determine preferred transaction structure
  • Assess the likelihood of completing the transaction

Strategic Planning

  • Assist with market research
  • Prepare competitor analysis
  • Examine growth strategy alternatives
  • Prepare financial model and cash flow forecast


  • Identify and contact suitable prospective purchasers/partners
  • Assist in preparing management presentations and materials
  • Qualify and coordinate prospective purchasers/partners

Completing the Transaction

  • Evaluate, negotiate and structure the transaction including analysis and comparison of offers
  • Assist in the due diligence effort, negotiation and review of legal documentation
  • Monitor and assist in the coordination of the transaction process through closing